Episode 4: The 4 C’s of Trust

October 16, 2020

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TTx Talk is a video podcast, with your host, Nate Petry – TTx VP of Sales.  Nate has conversational interviews with experts in their respective fields.  On today’s episode, Nate is joined by Brandon Kenney – TTx CEO.  Back in 2014, we rebranded our company and reestablished our brand vision – to be the most trusted partner in our market.  To make that goal attainable and to keep ourselves accountable we came up with the four C’s of trust; Competency, Capacity, Consistency, and Character.  Through these four C’s, we can make sure we have the right people on the job, who can complete those jobs, can continue to do those jobs, and always make the right choice.  Join Nate and Brandon as they further discuss what the four C’s of trust mean to us at TTx.

What is Competency?

Competency is having the right person for the job, whether that be sales, engineering, or project management; someone with expertise in their respective field.

What is Capacity?

Capacity is having the resources to handle any issues that you might bring to us.

What is Consistency?

Consistency is our desire and ability to be exactly the same for you, and to always be someone you can trust.

What is Character?

Character is what seasons the other three C’s  To us, it is to be fair, moral, honest, and ethical. Without character, the other C’s would not be here.

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TTx Talk Episode 4 Transcript

Nate:  Good afternoon. This is TTx Talk, I’m Nate Petry, VP of Sales, and today I got Brandon Kenney, our CEO, thanks for joining us.

Brandon:  You bet, glad to be here.

Nate:  Yeah, today we wanted to talk about our brand vision. So, Brandon, it’s, it’s your vision to guide us in. So what is that vision that we have for the market?

Brandon:  When we rebranded the company in 2014, one of the things that went along with the new brand name and all the things that we added to it, was a reestablished brand vision. And that vision was to be the most trusted partner in our market.

Nate:  That’s a, that’s a lofty goal

Brandon:  It is.

Nate:  So how do we, how do we kind of judge ourselves on how we’re doing in there and, how do we measure ourselves to be the most trusted partner?

Brandon:  Well, yeah, because it is so big, it’s aspirational and it’s hard to measure, one of the mechanisms we implemented was the four C’s.  And it was just a way of kind of distilling down, adding meaning to what it means to be trusted. And the idea was when you trust somebody, whether it’s a friend or a spouse or a mechanic, is an easy one, we all want to have a trusted mechanic. What makes you trust them? And so we came up with the four C’s, which are character, consistency, capacity, and competency.

Nate:  Cool. So, the four C’s of trust, That’s, that’s great. And helps us measure ourselves. Do you want to talk about those in a little bit more detail? So competency what’s that what’s that mean for our most trusted partner?

Brandon:  Yeah, well, with most trusted partner, it’s most trusted partner in our space, of course, which is IT project work and support. So they competency is the ability to provide expertise around the products that we’ll be selling support.  So the clients, in order for them to trust us, we have to have a demonstrated ability to work on those things, which are complicated, you know, which could be, I guess, a fifth C, but it’s complicated stuff. So, we need engineers, sales folks, operations teams, project managers that have the right kind of competency, the right kind of place.

Nate:  Yeah, sure. And so back to your analogy, right. That we do use about being a mechanic. My favorite part of the analogy is capacity. So what’s capacity mean to us?

Brandon:  Yeah. Well we have to have the resources to respond in a timely fashion and we need to have when there’s a client need to respond at the right time. You know, in the analogy of the mechanic that we use often, you could have somebody have a really trusted relationship with, but they’re not available to help you.  Then it’s very hard to use them or recommend them. So we’ve gotta be ready and, you know, with open arms to accept the client need when it comes.

Nate:  Yeah. And you know, most trusted partner for me is a lot like being the most trusted father that I can be. So consistency really hits home for me, being consistent Dad.  So how does consistency play into most trusted partner?

Brandon:  Yeah, that’s one of my favorites too, for sure. And it’s been one we’ve highlighted during this COVID season, this year.  I felt like, and I’ve communicated to the company, our mission has really been to be consistent for our clients when so many other things are not consistent. It’s been a very inconsistent year and we didn’t feel the need to front end our automated attendant or email systems with, “Hey, just so you know, here’s where we’re at with everything.”  Our desire was just to be exactly the same as we were last March as we were this March. So respond at the same time answer the phone the same way. And again, with the mechanic, the idea is it’s something that is repeatable. It happens every time you have an expected result from something. And so that comes down to our systems and the way our protocols and how we operate. And we do things in a way that people would expect.

Nate:  Yeah. Yeah. And you can’t be any of those things without character. So the fourth C, if there was an order would be character. So talk to me about character.

Brandon:  Yeah, in a lot of ways, it’s the bedrock of all of it. We’ve defined character, I should say character is a kind of a cliché word. So it’s, it means more in a personal context, but in a business context, I think a lot of people are used to organizations saying the value of character.  It’s easy to say harder to do, but we’ve defined it as being fair, moral, honest, ethical. So that season’s the other C’s because if we’re not that, we don’t have the character in the first place and those other things suffer. But, we want to be an organization that can be trusted because we have moral fiber and character to be trusted and to do the right thing. One of the other ways that we distilled the four C’s was to imagine the client in the room with us, when we make decisions and we have that up in our conference room in the office. And that just, it’s a great moral compass, to picture that person sitting right next to you, it’s a lot easier to make the right decision. And there’s a lot of character in that, doing that, even when the person isn’t there.

Nate:  Yeah. Well, thanks for being here with me today and walking through our brand vision and how we kind of measure ourselves to that. And, we’d love to have the opportunity to talk to you more about this. We’re very passionate about how we go to market and how we support our organizations and partners that we support. That all immediately turn into raving fans because of our focus on these things. So thanks a lot,

Brandon:  My pleasure.

Nate:  Talk to you next time.

Brandon:  We’ll see ya.

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