Episode 8: TTx Director of Cloud & Carrier Services

March 2, 2021

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TTx Talk is a video podcast, with your host, Nate Petry – TTx VP of Sales.  Nate has conversational interviews with experts in their respective fields.  On today’s episode, Nate talks with one of his fellow colleagues.  Nate is joined by Ryan Ursem – TTx Director of Cloud & Carrier Services – and together, they walk through Ryan’s recent promotion.

Ryan has been with TTx for over 25 years and his enthusiasm about our company only grows with each year.  His first position at TTx was a Network Sales Manager.  In his discussion with Nate, Ryan mentions picking something to be the best at in the business; cloud and carrier services.  In his new position, Ryan continues to the best in the business and shows this though his hard work and dedication to TTx and to our customers.

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TTx Talk Episode 8 Transcript

Nate: Welcome to TTx Talk. I’m Nate Petry, and I’m super excited about our guest today, Ryan Ursem, thanks for doing this.

Ryan: Thank you.

Nate: This conversation is probably a bit overdue, but we made an announcement, that Ryan Ursem is now our Director of Cloud and Carrier Services.

Ryan: Now about 15 years ago, I made a new year’s resolution that I wanted to pick one thing in the business and be the best at it, the guy that everybody had to come to, if they wanted questions answered on that topic.  I was driving the company into a model of looking at the whole picture.  We were only selling phone systems, but there was more things that the clients needed from the carrier side. I drove that piece of the business. So when the market changed with COVID, it was easy for me to step out of that direct sales role and into a role of helping other salespeople, that inner drive, that piece of the business, whether it be the carrier sales or cloud PBX.

Nate: And so your expertise and the carrier world with our legacy phone system business is very easy transition into cloud voice. And we’ve been doing cloud voice for quite some time.

Ryan: Years. It just wasn’t a primary piece for our business, because that’s not where the market was. This switch for COVID, it pushed the market, five years in five months, and we needed somebody to be able to drive it and learn it.

Nate: Your role as a sales support is to take that thing to market as a more mature product, but also just our expertise over the years that we’ve gained.

Ryan: That and on the back end of it, the meetings that we’ve had to make sure that the implementation for the end client goes well, we know everything that there is to know about putting in a premise phone systems. We didn’t know everything there was to know about putting in a cloud PBX system and making the experience for our client, great. So we’ve matured that over the past six months, and now we can bring to market a cloud PBX system fully installed and make the client experience what it was when we were putting in a premise system.

Nate: We care about our brand and it was hard for us to just be an agent of cloud voice. That’s the real thing that we have that we’re proud of with your promotion to take that thing to market as a TTx product.

Ryan: Those agents that come walking off the street with a suit and tie, gets something signed and then the client never sees them again. They don’t want that. We don’t want business done that way.

Nate: Also, so the cloud voice maturing, we’ve been in premise voice for 40 years now and we still are, both the change in the technology and our prudence of bringing that to market in a TTx manner is really the driver of your promotion to that role.

Ryan: It’s the perfect marriage having our managed services department. We had to build it because we were on the client’s network, putting in a premise voiceover IP system. You still need that when you’re putting in a cloud voiceover IP system. You have to have it, if you don’t have it, that client’s experience is not going to be good.

Nate: And then carrier services we’ve been doing forever, but there’s still that need for a trusted partner to help hold the hand through a carrier decision.

Ryan: We still have to have it no matter where you go, you have to have bandwidth. Now, you don’t need the old pots lines like you used to anymore. Still people have them for their alarm systems and fax machines, I don’t know why, you can put that stuff over cellular network, but you still have to have bandwidth in order to data connections to be able to do a cloud PBX. It’s just as important of a piece of the business. It’s just more silent. Nobody thinks about it, and nobody really knows what they have their hands around. That’s also a piece of my silo, is I can find, I know what the best carrier is for the type of service you’re trying to put in, I know what the best price tags are. I know what the best service provider is. I know the ones that do good installs and bad installs. I don’t care who it is.

Nate: Everyone is getting calls from Spectrum reps, they care about Spectrum. Furthermore, our years of experience and our agnostic approach to the marketplace, we bring a benefit there for talking to us about carrier services.

Ryan: Absolutely. And when you deal directly with a spectrum rep or directly with any one of the carriers, they’re like that agent model they’re coming in, signing a piece of paper and walking away. And when you need them call the toll free number. We don’t do that. You call here, we take care of you.

Nate: Cool. Well, we’re super excited about taking this to market in a more mature way as TTx has grown and become more mature. So we look forward to talking to you about hosted voice, cloud voice carrier services, and look forward to talking to you soon.

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