Business Analytics by Brightmetrics

Brightmetrics business intelligence analytics for your phone system can be configured any way you need to collect, organize, and analyze your phone system data.

Get the Most Out of Your Call Center with Advanced Data and Analytics Reporting

Looking to get more out of your call center data? Brightmetrics offers a suite of in-depth, highly configurable reporting tools above and beyond basic metrics, offering real business intelligence analytics so that your business can gather and organize the information that’s relevant to your needs, helping you maximize efficiencies and improve service to your clients.

Brightmetrics analytics tools for unified communications include an add-on specifically tailored for Enterprise Contact Center data reporting, as well as a real-time data reporting tool so that you can monitor what is happening in your call center as it occurs. Gain new insights from your analytics data and start making better, more intelligent decisions about your business communications with Brightmetrics’ intuitive and customizable tools:

Core Unified Communications (UC) Analytics

Offers configurable data feeds from multiple sources so you can delve as deeply as you want into your phone system data.

ECC (Enterprise Contact Center) Analytics

This add-on is customized for the data reporting essentials of ECC, enabling you to analyze your call center metrics to help create the best customer experience possible.

Real Time Dashboards

Observe and analyze data in real-time, giving you the flexibility to better meet your customer’s needs immediately.


Accurate call center reporting can result in a 5-7% reduction in operating costs year over year.