We will also consult with you to help you determine the right product to achieve your desired goals, within the scope of your available resources and purchasing model. We’ve seen CIO and CFO purchasing behavior evolve from a traditional capital expense that is depreciated over time, to an intentional effort to operationalize those expenses.

CapEx model :

Your department has traditionally budgeted for technology and you’ve created a strategic plan to purchase in cycles as a capital expenditure. You value the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the products you purchase.

OpEx model:

Your department has chosen to acquire and use technology as a service (UCaaS) and pay for it as an operational expense. You want the most up to date technology possible to ensure your department is providing reliable support to your organization, with predictable expenses.

While an upfront cost for physical assets (CapEx) can be budgeted accordingly, it does not necessarily account for the changing needs of your business over the planned lifespan of your investment. Considering the fast-paced evolution of technology, an OpEx subscription model can offer more flexibility to meet these ever-changing needs without the expense of a large initial capital outlay. With this purchasing model, you pay for what you need at any given time, with the option to scale as your needs change – including adding or upgrading features and services as-needed.