Aaron Smeltzer

PM Dept. Team Leader

Project Management

Professional Background

Aaron Smeltzer joined TTx in 2015 and works as a PM Dept. Team Leader.
“It falls to the Operations team and Project Management to carry out the day-to-day work of fulfilling the Sales team’s promises. Our clients depend on the methodical attention to detail and care we take with each project to meet their needs. As a project manager, I take the responsibility very seriously to get client goals off the paper and into concrete, verifiable results.”

Aaron’s personality (ENFJ) is classified as “The Protagonist,” also known as the charismatic and inspiring leader. “I hold our relationships between my co-workers and our clients very dear. In empathizing with those around me, I’m able to approach problems fairly and accurately. My co-workers know that I’m honest, fair and respect them. So when it comes to working together everyone knows I will not ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself, and I respect those that apply themselves 100% to the goals at hand.”

What brings you joy at work?

“I enjoy working with a determined team and the challenge of solving complicated, interconnected problems each day. No two days are the same and with that comes the excitement of never getting complacent about the next, and the opportunity to find creative solutions.”

What brings you joy outside of work?

“When I’m not at work I love to play with my daughter and make crafts together. I enjoy designing board games, playing piano and ukulele, watching scary movies and cooking.”