Brandon Kenney

Chief Executive Officer


Professional Background

Brandon Kenney joined TTx in 2004 and has served as Sales Rep, VP of Sales, COO, and now CEO. He has taken over from his father, Gale Kenney, as a second generation business owner, and has led the organization through the technological advancements of the business voice and IT professional services industry.

Brandon’s personality (ENFP-A) is classified as “The Campaigner” who is naturally extroverted and visionary. He embraces the big ideas and reflects his sense of hope and goodwill toward others in his daily actions. If you spend any time around Brandon, you’ll be sure to notice his vibrant energy, which flows in many directions.

His role as CEO allows him to leverage his natural tendencies to bring encouragement to the leadership group at TTx, working hard to build a strategic vision worth rallying around.

“Ideally (I sure hope these things are true) – my positivity helps us make the best of what comes our way, being able to communicate well helps us stay together on our shared mission, and my curiosity helps to build a cool vision. I’m also able to relax so I think that will help me stay sharp and healthy for the long run.”

What brings you joy at work?

“I love meeting the variety of people in and around TTx and building valuable relationships and friendships both within the company and with our clients, partners, and contacts.”

What brings you joy outside of work?

“I enjoy spending quality time with my 4 daughters and my wife, above all else. I’ve always loved to play golf and spend time in the woods on a backpacking trip, but it seems that every six months I go deep down the rabbit hole of a new hobby. I love to tinker. Take things apart and put them together, and understand how things work. The next time you have the opportunity, ask me what I’m into next. It’ll be a fun conversation to talk about.”