Gale Kenney

Vice President of Finance


Professional Background

Gale Kenney joined TTx in 1980 and currently holds the position of VP of Finance.

As the co-founder of Teletronics Inc, Gale Kenney has been with the organization since the beginning and currently serves as the VP of Finance of TTx, “making sure that the company is financially sound.” He brings a wealth of experience to the team in a sales, training, and sales management capacity. He is currently focused on leveraging his expertise and experience to invest in the next generation of leadership at TTx!

Gale received his BA from Akron University in 1968. Prior to founding Teletronics Inc he worked at Ohio Bell Telephone Company and Electronic Engineering. Gale has been a resident of Hudson, OH since the early 80’s. He and his wife Gerry have two children, Brandon and Lauren, and three grandchildren. If you caught him on a Saturday, most likely he’d be working as a gentleman farmer on his property in Hudson.

What brings you joy at work?

“Working with the TTx team is such a pleasure. I like helping people solve problems they are working on.”

What brings you joy outside of work?

“Golfing, sailing, and relaxing on Lake Erie.”