Nate Petry

Vice President of Sales


Professional Background

Nate Petry joined TTx in 2009 and he currently works as the VP of Sales.
Aside from leading our Sales Team, Nate also works closely with our clients. Clients respect Nate’s genuine character and desire to foster a trusted relationship through hard work, respect and care. The thing Nate values most about his career at TTx are the relationships he has formed.

For over 10 years, Nate has been a valuable TTx team member. At the start of his TTx career, Nate worked as an Account Executive, helping to foster our client relationships. He has since been promoted to VP of Sales. Prior to his time with us, Nate coached the Men and Women Golf Teams at Otterbein College. His experience in coaching has carried over to coaching our own internal teams here at TTx. Today, Nate serves on the TTx Leadership Team in addition to his daily role as the VP of Sales. He leads, manages and motivates our Sales Team to help service our clients to the best of our abilities; and helps keep us sustainable by hiring and training our Sales Staff and driving forward TTx revenue goals.

Nate’s personality (ESFJ) is classified as “The Consul,” meaning he is someone who is attentive and people-focused, and he enjoys taking part in his social community. He thrives on people and that is shown by how Nate constantly encourages and supports others, while being a positive energy to be around.

“The motto of our sales organization is ‘Not looking to close a deal but rather open a relationship.’ That is a key to being the Most Trusted Partner from the sales organizations standpoint!” Spoken like a truly people-centric individual!

What brings you joy at work?

“I love leading a group of salespeople that are focused on our core values and showing what it means to be a TTx’er to our prospects, clients and partners.”

What brings you joy outside of work?

“Enjoying time on the golf course, playing with my five kids (Brodie, Katie, Blake, Annabelle and Brock), and if time allows, enjoying a date night with my wife Jamie of 16 years. As a Clevelander, I also enjoy rooting for the home team – the Cleveland Indians.”