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Brian is always a pleasure to work with. He is able to ask the right question and able to diagnose and resolve my issues with easy. Appreciate all his patience with me.

Ashley T.

on ticket #1010721 - Continuous PLC Upload

We just implemented our new phone system and Jacob has been a rock star handling our change requests as we settle into Maven Cloud! We are extremely excited for the new phone system!

Tom C.

on ticket #1005616 - phone

TTx We appreciate your prompt attention and resolve to ensure that our email security is a top priority. Best Regards

Lynn C.

on ticket #1004046 - High Importance- Security Risk Via Email-FW: Lets verify your email

Herminio was fantastic to work with. He was committed to getting my problem solved and providing excellent customer service. Dave was also a great help, as usual. Thanks to their teamwork, I was able to get my problem resolved. I am very appreciative!

Kirstie R.

on ticket #1002225 - DYMO printer software not working

The technician was helpful and professional. He asked if there was anything else when he finished with my primary concern and ended up answering a totally different question that I have had for a while to do with Mitel

Cindy P.

on ticket #1001101 - Microsoft 365 logout?

Dave is always super helpful and great to work with! He has fixed a lot of issues for me and is always nice to talk to on the phone. Thank you for the great service!

Kirstie R.

on ticket #1000581 - Docking station is not showing 2 monitors.

Thanks Chris, I really appreciate you jumping in and helping out! I also really appreciate you calling my big boss and helping her out directly. This is why you guys are worth it!!

Randy C.

on ticket #1000070 - User at Risk email

TTx, Thank you for the support on our repaired computer scan. The clean bill of health and speed check was just what we needed to see to move forward! Much Appreciated

Karan S.

on ticket #998107 - Computer Scan 8 am 01/25/23

Since Herminio has come to handle our issues at the department with his can do attitude it has been a relief knowing that he is there when needed to help or just answer questions and this incident was no different. This issue required off site as well as on sight attention and with his patience Herminio took the time to explain the issues and what needed to happen to correct them.

Robert A.

on ticket #996404 - Assistance with deleting files on Booking PC

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"Thank you Brian and Jonathan! The new portal looks great, a lot of new enhancements and user friendly!"
Lynn C.

11/27/2023 | on ticket #1023364 - TTx Portal Unable to Access FW: Password Reset Requested
"Excellent assistance by Dave!"
Liz P.

11/27/2023 | on ticket #1023539 - Email/Temporary Password Change or Removal of Access
"Thank you!"
Joan M.

11/27/2023 | on ticket #1023666 - Guest Wireless Network Password
"Great job!"
Gregg A.

11/22/2023 | on ticket #1023158 - Add user to phone